Would you like to see The Nutty Nutritionist in action?  Search for "Eating Well with Scleroderma" on to view her presentation at the National Scleroderma Foundation's annual Patient Education Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Professional Services

One-on-one assessment, counseling and lifestyle plan development for people of all ages and needs, to include:


  • general wellness and prevention
  • weight management 
  • diabetes management
  • lowering cholesterol
  • controlling blood pressure
  • reactive hypoglycemia
  • athletic performance
  • vegetarian lifestyles
  • food allergies
  • celiac sprue & other digestive disorders
  • systemic scleroderma
  • autoimmune conditions



Wellness seminars tailored to the specific needs of your group, such as:


  • managing or preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, cancer and autoimmune conditions


  • pros and cons of the latest health trends and fads


  • general healthy eating guidelines:  making wiser food choices at home and in restaurants; grocery shopping; intrepreting food labels; snacking; vitamins & other supplements


  • helping your kids become healthier eaters


  • food and hydration to maximize athletic performance


  • complete diabetes education to include meal planning, exercise, monitoring blood sugar, troubleshooting high and low blood sugar and preventing long-term complications



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Phone:  248-592-0875





Please note:  In-person counseling appointments are limited to clients living in the metro Detroit area, however, phone or video consultations are available for all.  Seminars and speaking engagements are offered nationwide and internationally.