An educational blog from the desk of "The Nutty Nutritionist"

This blog was initiated in January 2010 to help educate family and friends on healthy living, in a light-hearted and entertaining way.  You are encouraged to click on the link above if:


1.  You are interested in finding out if a nutritionist eats more than just carrots and celery on a regular basis.


2.  You have some burning questions specific to diet and exercise that you would like to have answered once and for all.


3.  You are a major “foodie” and would like to learn about some of the best products available today.


4.  You are a junk food addict and want to see how the other half lives.


5.  Your doctor told you to lose weight and start exercising but you have no idea how to begin.


6.  You have recently been diagnosed with a diet-related chronic illness such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or celiac sprue and would like to start managing your condition with healthful diet and lifestyle changes.


7.  You have no clue what to make for dinner tonight and would like some new and healthy meal planning ideas and recipes.


8.  You often eat "on the run" and desire to start making wiser menu choices.


9.  You want some realistic strategies for helping your kids become healthier eaters.


10.  You are training to run your first half or full marathon and you want to know the best ways to fuel your body.


11.  You are curious about the latest and greatest diet fad or trend and want some advice from someone who can sort out the real from the ridiculous.


12.  You are generally healthy but would still like to lose 10-15 pounds in the next 6 months.


13.  You would like a nutrition expert's opinion regarding the never-ending deluge of food products at the grocery store in terms of food labels, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, soy products, etc.


14.  You already live a healthy lifestyle and want to keep it that way!



All this and more is what you will find in the blog. Please click on the link above to begin exploring over 100 educational and practical articles that can help you live a more healthful and satisfying life!